Gala weekend attendees (as of May 16)

Look who you’ll find at the TT 100 Anniversary Weekend.

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George Abrams
Marit Abrams
Freda and Marvin Abugov
Cera Schachter & Andrew Dixon
Dr. Bernie & Miriam Adler
Shelley Adler
Russ & Molly  Albert
Clive & Luba Allen
Joel & Melany Allen
Ofer Arazy & Naama Kahalon
Shane & Rebecca Asbell & Family
Margaret Asquith
Nataliya Azimova
Tim Azimov
Ayelet Banin
Sam Benoit & Jennifer Mitchell
Fredelle & Josh Bensimon
Ron & Marcia Bercov
Esther Bergman
Mark Berner
Karen Bernstein
Brian Besney
Richard Besney
Jo-Anne Billington
David Birenbaum
Alan Bleviss
Ruth Bogoch Steiner
Blair & Rivie Bondar
Elaine Bookhalter
Aliya Brick
Daniel Brick
Barry & Marsha Brovender
Brian & Gail Buck
Ethan Buck
Ezra Buck
Sophie Buck
Linda Burg
Gordon & Darlene Bushewsky
Leah Campbell
Mira Campbell
Nathan Campbell
Noah Campbell
Debra Hatch
Pamela Charkow
Don Charnaw & Karen Samuels
Jack & Sylvia Chetner
Michael & Bonnie Chetner
Gail & David Chippin
Jeffrey Cipin
Doreen Cohen
Glenn Cohen
Beverly Cooper
Ruth & Ben Coppens
Howard Cooper
Sam Cooper
Cybil Cooper
Georgina Starkman Danzing
Chloe Danzig
Suzanne Davis
Debbie Davis
Marnie Dlin
Sara Doctor
Cathy Miller & Len Dolgoy
Danielle Dolgoy & Joey Vitulano
Gabrielle Dolgoy
Leah Dolgoy
Mark  Dolgoy & Francie Ratner
Rebecca Dolgoy
Sara Dolgoy & Ed Picard
Rabbi & Rebbetzin Draiman
Rabbi Ari Drelich
Murry Dubisky
Madison Dubisky
Robert Dvorkin
Sid Edelmann
Sandi Ellefson
Laurie Epstein
Barri & Fani Estrin
Kalman Estrin
Teviah Estrin & Melissa Kaplan-Estrin
Bernie & Gail Estrin
Sol Estrin
Marc Estrin
Kayla Estrin
Becky Shtabsky Fayerman
Richard Fayerman
Sandra Fayerman
Andy Feher
Jack Feldman
Nate & Naida Feldman
Carol Feldman
Jeff Felson
Sam Fialkow & Marilyn Sheckter
Micah Field & Colleen Verville
Maxine & Milt Fishbein
Arna & Bobby Fisher
Rodney & Sharon Friedland
Aaron Friedland
Michaela Friedland
Manuel & Rhoda Friedman
Rabbi Daniel & Rebbetzin Batya Friedman
Herb & Donna Firedman
Joyce & Sam Galante
Missy Gefen
Missy  Geffen
Jerry Glasser & Sharon Bookhalter
Murray & Marilyn Glick
Seth Glick
Izzy Gliener
Inbal Goldberg
Ron Goldberg
Cale Goldsand
Gary & Osnat Goldsand
George & Judith Goldsand
Max Goldsand
Sam Goldsand
Joan Goldstein
Hilary Gorenstein
Chris Gregson & Shawna Vogel
Miriam Grossman
Sue & Derek Guild-Prout
Nancy & Sid Gurevitch
Jay & Evelyn Hamilton
Roberta (Sheckter) & Norm Hanson
Rabbi Carmit Harari (Temple Beth Ora)
Adam Sharp & Corinne Hardin
Dr. Tom & Nina Hardin
Rabbi Rafael & Shoshana Hassan
James & Bronia Heilik
Michael & Stephanie Hendin
Perry Hendin
Mark & Michelle Huberman
Thomas Hughes
Carlee Hurl
Russ & Jan Joseph
Klara Kagan
Leon Kagan
Dmitry & Irena Kaplan
Esta Karpulis
Jeff Kasbrick
Jennifer Katz
Mark & Sharon Katzeff
Harold Katzin
David Kauffman
Cyril & Fay Kay
Julie Kershen
Rozanne Kipnes
Harry Kipnes
Dr Stan & Rosemary Kitay
Freida Koplowicz
Samuel Koplowicz
Mark & Monique Kornell
Arlene & Les Kraft
Neil Kredentser
Dani Kushner
Frances Kushner
Rivka Kushner
Stephen Kushner & Family
Shirley Kushner
Alan & Candace  Kwinter
Jerry & Susan Lampert
Irving Laskin
Rabbi David & Rebbetzin Laufer
Ed & Nikki Lazar
Barry Leon
Sari & Kingsly Leung
Jessica Levental (Singer)
Aharon & Judith Levi
David Levine
Emily Levine
Joshua Levine
Matthew Levine
Steve & Tobey Levine
Brian Libin & Michelle Ray
Neil Libin & Ann Sommers
Debra Lieberman
Hymie & Bebe (Miriam) Lieberman
Susan and Murray Lieberman
Phil Lister
Sandy & Mo Litman
Orin Litman
Benjamin & Netta Loomer
Peter Lutsky
Riva Lutsky-Davidson
Alan & Dyanne Lyons
Frances Macklin
Barbara Mandel
Erica Karabus & Lutz Marburg
David & Robin Marcus
Joel & Linda Margolese
David & Pam Margolus
Norman Margolus
Reisa Margolus
Eli Markovich
Leah Kushner Markovich
Michael Markovich
Jacob Masliyah
Philip Mass
Geoff Mayer
Marci McQueen (LeBane)
Tom Menczel & Sandra Woitas
Ellen Sue Mesbur
Ethan Miller
Gilbert Miller
Marla Miller
Arliss Miller
Joe Miller
Judy Miiler
Monica Miller
Rachel Miller
Sandra Miller
Josh Miller
Richard Miller
Kevin & Gail Milner
Bruce & Susan Mintz
Bev Morton
Dave Moser
Chuck and Laurie Mozeson
Marlie Mozeson
Beryl Nahornick
Miriam Newhouse
Jonathan & Francie Nobleman
Harry & Ruth Nolan
Carla Nolan
Simon & Esther Ohayon
Lori and Arnie Olyan
Heidi Oshry
Max Oshry
Sam Oshry
Andrew Ostashower
David & Nalini Ostashower
Al Ostin
Josef & Rachel Ovics
Dr. Eddy Pakes
Ruth L. Pakes
Jay Palter
Ben Palter
Ella Palter
Maddy Hubbers
Adam Paull
Jared Paull & Hannah Anderson
Michael Paull
Lauren Gayle Rollingher Pearson
Josh Pekarsky
Frida, Greg & Misha Pesin
Eliot & Arlynne Phillipson
Frank & Netta Phillet
Allen & Evelyn Prepes
Dr. Lorne & Beth Price
Chasadia & Micahel Proskiw
Miriam Rabinovitch
Ben Ragosin
Joel & Tsiporah Reboh
Rochelle Reichert
Saul & Toby Reichert
Jerell  Reichert
Hugo & Erica  Reshef
Nurit & Yoni Reshef
Darryl Cariou & Lisa Robinson
Alan Robinson
Aubrey Rogerville
Olga Roland
Sol Rolingher
Tulane Rollingher
Robert Rosen
Dan & Mona Rosenberg
David & Trudy Rosenberg
Eden Rosenblum
Noam Rosenblum
Sam & Rebeccah Rosenblum
Yael Rosenblum
Elchanan and Daniella Rotstain
Ed & Debbie Rozenberg
Ms. Joyce Rubenovitch
Abner Rubin
Jeff Rubin & Gaylene Soifer
Jeffrey & Susan Rubin
Miriam (Mimi) Rubin
Arnold Rubin
Ross A Rudolph
Keith & Barbara Samuels
Sidney Satanov
Tom Satanove & Thyrza Cohen
Norman & Evelyn Schayer
Jody G Schell
S. Neil Schloss
Jack & Rowena Schwartzberg
Brad & Agnes Scott
Gary & Reisa Segal
Lisa Miller & Farrel Shadlyn
Talya, Steve & Nava Shafir
Shmuel & Naomi Sharir
Deborah Shatz
Rosalie Shaw & Gary Levine
Jeff & Shira Sheckter
Larry & Beverley Sheckter
Beverley Sheckter
Miriam Sheckter
Kaila  Sheckter
Craig Shein
Dean Shein
Howard & Riva Shein
Hannah Sheinin
Braden Sheps
Roni Sheps
Avi Sherman
Leah Sherman
Micahel & Adell Shneer
Marshall & Debby Shoctor
Naomi Shoctor
David Shugarman
Maurice & Molly Shugarman
Daniel Shugarman
Wayne & Cheryl Shur
Marlen & Iryna Shustov
Gary Silberg & Esther Allman Silberg
Brenda & Phillip Silver
Richard Silver & Benoit Lafleche
Paul & Erin Silverman
Adam & Marge Singer
Fred & Jenny Singer
Matthew & Alisa Singer
Geoff & Lauren Sky
Barry & Aaron Slawsky
Ari & Elizabeth Sniderman
Howie & Debbie Sniderman
Ari Sniderman & Faren Hochman
Hersh & Jane Sobel
Chloe & Felix Soibelman
Danny Soifer
Florence Soifer
Jake & Yael Soifer
Joey Soifer
Noah Soifer
Randy & Jane Soifer
Gaby & Debbie Sonego
Sean Sonego
Richard Sontz
Jack & Lillian Soroka
Jenna Soroka
Ken & Natalie Soroka
Marlee Soroka
Marvin Soroka
Hershel & Lois Sorokin
Ron Sorokin & Lisa  Redmond
Daniel & Marina Starkman
Howard & Esther Starkman
Don Superstein
Lynn Superstein-Raber
Judy (Sheckter) Swenson
Keith & Lauren Tankel
Shira Tankel
Ezra Tankel
Joseph Tappenden
Dorothy Tapper
Stuart Tapper
Cindie J. Lister Thompson
Tova Train
Allan & Syma Uram
Steven Uram
Aubrey & Shira Uretsky
Rick & Pauline Uretsky
Harvey Vinsky
Rick Vogel
Debra Walters
Neil Warhaft
Lewis & Freya Wasel
Norman & Leanne Wasel
Lynn Weinlos
Judy Weinstein
David Weisz and  Roanne Mazer
Dr. Sam & Eva Weisz
Joel Weisz
Sandra  Weizman
Osnat Wine
Itai Wine
Roey Wine
Noam Wine
Alvin & Sue Winestock
Howard Winestock
Mitch Wise
Randy Witten
David Witten
Bernie  Fishbein & Mimi  Wolch
Ronald & Naomi Wolch
Doug Wolch
Gary Wolch & Mor Barzel
Gayle  Wolfe
Allan & Dalia Wolinsky
Avital Wornovitzky
Daphne Wornovitzky
Galia Wornovitzky
Moy & Claire Wornovitzky
Abby Wright
Jordyn Wright
Stacey Leavitt-Wright
Zoe Wright
Susan & Ed Yedgarova
Deborah  Yedlin
Tovah  Yedlin
Jodi & Michael Zabludowski
Barry & June Zalmanowitz
Danny & Connie Zalmanowitz
Hal Zalmanowitz
Leo & Diane Zalmanowitz
Garry & Wendy Zarowny
Lonnie Zwaigenbaum & Angela Topping
His Honour, Col. (Ret’d) The Honourable Donald S. Ethell, OC OMM AOE MSC CD LLD, Lieutenant Governor of Alberta & Her Honour, Linda Ethell
Right Honourable Rona Ambrose and Mr. J.P. Veitch
Deputy Premier Thomas Lukaszuk
MLA David Xiao & Alice Xiao
Stephen & Lynn Mandel
Karen Leibovici & Stephen Zepp
EPSB Trustee Vice Chair Sarah Hoffman
EPSB Trustee Heather MacKenzie
EPSB Superintendent Edgar Schmidt
Michael Strembitsky




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